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Packaging tips for
Shipping by courier

Pallet shipping is a common method of sending goods via freight forwarding. Even large and heavy goods can be transported effortlessly on pallets. To avoid damage, secure packaging and preparation of your shipment before shipping is essential.

Packaging for shipping

If your goods weigh more than 30 kg, you must pack them on a pallet for shipping.

Pallet shipping

  1. Pallet with minimum height: The transport pallet should have a minimum height of 15 cm.

  2. Euro pallet standard: Use standardized Euro pallets measuring 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 15 cm high. The permissible total weight is limited to 1,000 kg and the height should not exceed 2.20 m.

  3. Overhang Limits: Items being shipped must not extend beyond the pallet to avoid potential damage.

  4. Avoiding pyramid-shaped loading: Avoid pyramid-shaped loading as this can cause the packaged goods to fall over easily.

  5. Padding: Protect sensitive goods with sufficient padding material such as bubble wrap, foam or packaging chips.

  6. Securing with straps: Fix the shipping goods securely on the pallet with straps to prevent them from coming loose during transport.

  7. Wrapping with foil: Protect your goods and the pallet by wrapping them with foil. The shipping note should be stuck onto the film so that it is easy to read.

  8. Fragile stickers: If your shipment contains fragile items, use stickers or markers to indicate them to ensure careful handling.

  9. Labeling: Clearly label the packaging with the receiving address, sender information and, if necessary, any special shipping instructions.

Bulky goods

When shipping bulky goods, special attention is required when packing:

  1. Pallet for heavy goods: As with pallet shipping, goods weighing more than 30 kg must be secured on a pallet.

  2. Safety with oily objects: For machines and oily objects, ensure that all residual liquids have drained away. Close possible valves to prevent residual liquids from leaking out.

  3. Bubble wrap: Wrap the item in bubble wrap several times, making sure there are no exposed areas.

  4. Additional padding: Use cardboard to provide additional padding for your shipping items.

  5. Edge protection: Protect edges and corners with special edge protection and fix it to the goods being shipped.

  6. Easily readable labeling: Attach the shipping note to the packaging in a clearly visible manner.

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