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Your solution for transporting tree machines

Construction machinery

The transport of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, tractors and heavy construction equipment requires specialized logistics solutions to ensure that these goods reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Our construction equipment transportation services include specialized heavy-duty transportation tailored to the unique needs of excavators, tractors and other heavy construction equipment. We rely on specialized vehicles and equipment to ensure the safe transport of these heavy loads.

The transport of agricultural machinery often requires specially equipped vehicles to ensure safe and gentle transport. Our fleet includes vehicles that are tailored to the requirements of agricultural machinery transport.

Heavy construction machinery and agricultural machinery can be oversized and overweight. Addressing these challenges requires expertise and special permits. We take care of all the necessary formalities to ensure a smooth transport.

Your partner for construction machinery transport

Discover the outstanding services of our logistics solutions in the field of construction machinery transport. We offer specialized transportation services designed to move heavy construction equipment safely and efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions guarantee compliance with strict safety standards, the use of specialized means of transport and precise planning to ensure that your construction equipment reaches its destination on time and intact. Trust in our extensive experience and expertise to successfully manage your construction equipment transport needs and transport your heavy equipment safely and professionally.

What transport solutions are there for construction machinery?

Transporting construction equipment requires specialized solutions due to the size, weight and type of machines. Here are some common transportation solutions for construction equipment:

Low-floor trucks and low-loaders: These special trucks are designed to transport heavy construction equipment. Low-floor trucks and low-loaders have a low loading height, which makes it easier to transport tall and heavy construction machinery.

Heavy-duty transporters: Heavy-duty transporters are used to transport particularly large or heavy construction machines, such as crawler excavators or large cranes. These specialized vehicles are designed to carry extremely heavy loads and are often equipped with axles and steering systems to improve maneuverability.

Rail transport: In some cases, construction equipment is transported by rail, particularly when it involves transport over longer distances. Special freight wagons and rail transport solutions are used for the safe transport of construction machinery.

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