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Project logistics

15,000+ customers trust Logisticoo when it comes to their shipment. Logisticoo develops tailor-made transport concepts for demanding logistical challenges. Our specialized department enables the organization of individual transport, on-time delivery and the comprehensive display of promotional goods in special sales displays. Whether branch deliveries, regular tours, seasonal projects or trade fair events – we offer expertise in project logistics in order to respond flexibly to your individual requirements and ensure optimal transport solutions.

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Project logistics:
Why Logisticoo?

Tailor-made transport concepts

individual transport, solving complex logistical tasks


Specialized department only for project logistics


Experience in project logistics

About project logistics


What is project logistics?

Project logistics

Project logistics refers to the efficient planning, organization and implementation of logistical processes as part of complex projects. This type of logistics is aimed at meeting individual requirements and challenges of specific projects. This can involve transporting goods, materials or equipment in connection with construction projects, events, trade fairs or other projects. Project logistics includes the coordination of transport routes, storage, handling and distribution, with the focus on the needs-based and timely provision of resources for the respective project.

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Very fast and professional processing. Collection on the agreed day worked well and the packages were delivered to their destination the next day.

Fabian Maier

Advantages of project logistics

Logisticoo provides innovative and tailor-made transport concepts for challenging logistical requirements. Our specialized department acts as the linchpin for the precise organization of individual transports, ensures punctual deliveries and coordinates the comprehensive presentation of promotional goods in specially designed sales displays. Whether it's efficient branch deliveries, the precise implementation of regular tours, the management of seasonal projects or the smooth handling of trade fair events - Logisticoo is characterized by comprehensive expertise in project logistics. We adapt flexibly to your specific requirements to ensure optimal and reliable transport solutions.

Customized solutions

Logisticoo offers tailor-made solutions for every phase of project logistics. Individual adaptation to the specific requirements of each project enables efficient and targeted processing.


Comprehensive expertise

Logisticoo has extensive experience and expertise in the area of project logistics. This expertise extends to the coordination of branch deliveries, regular tours, seasonal projects and the handling of trade fair events, which offers customers a reliable partnership for their logistical challenges.


Flexibility and reliability

Logisticoo's specialized department is characterized by high flexibility and reliability. This enables the smooth organization of individual transports, on-time deliveries and effective handling of projects, regardless of their complexity or time frame.

Shipping with just a few clicks

our promise

Fast online booking

Lightning-fast and user-friendly: Logisticoo enables effortless online bookings for prompt freight processing.

Experienced scheduling team

Our professionals optimize routes and overcome challenges – Logisticoo offers expertise for smooth transport processes.

Europe-wide network​

With an extensive network in Europe, Logisticoo ensures comprehensive and efficient freight collection and delivery.

​Individual transport solutions

Logisticoo develops tailor-made transport plans to optimally protect and efficiently transport all types of goods.

Contact person

Your personal Logisticoo contact will accompany you throughout the entire transport process. Unfortunately not possible for groupage transport.

shipment tracking

Track your shipments in real time: Logisticoo provides transparent information for the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

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