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Do I need transport insurance?

Many of our customers assume that their goods are insured as standard during transport. The topics of liability and insurance are often explained in an incomprehensible manner.

Liability insurance for freight forwarders:

Please note that the liability conditions of the “General German Freight Forwarder Conditions” were created for the benefit of the freight forwarders. Legal liability is limited to 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per kilogram. The maximum liability amount can be multiplied by the damaged shipment weight by around 10 euros.
Important: There is a difference between damage and shipment weight, especially if only part of the shipment is damaged. The shipping company's liability only applies under certain conditions, such as sufficient transport packaging and timely notification of damage.

Transport insurance from Logisticoo:
This offers comprehensive and uncomplicated protection. In the event of damage or loss, the insurance will reimburse the entire value of the goods, not just the weight of the damage. The conditions for assuming costs are more customer-friendly and claims are settled more quickly.
In order for the transport insurance to be effective, the goods must be adequately protected and packaged. Defective packaging is generally not reimbursed. A timely report of damage is also helpful here.
Conclusion: While liability insurance is limited by law, Logisticoo's transport insurance offers more comprehensive protection and faster claims settlement.


Despite existing transport insurance, the shipment of goods must still be packaged safely for transport.
Example: The sales packaging of a television is not considered to be sufficiently secure packaging. In addition to the sales packaging, additional shipping packaging is required. This could include, for example, a sufficiently large pallet, fastening straps and edge protection.
If you have no experience with freight forwarding, we recommend our packing tips page.

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