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Direct journey

15,000+ customers trust Logisticoo when it comes to a direct trip. 

Meet your urgent logistics needs with our express direct shipping company. As experts in same-day transport, we offer tailor-made solutions, be it a special trip or direct transport. Trust in our experience and reliability. 

Regardless of the size and type of your shipment, we will find the optimal solution for you.

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Direct shipping:
Why Logisticoo?


Short transport time, collection and delivery possible in one day


Low risk of damage, no reloading of your shipment


Direct online booking possible, fair and transparent prices

Express direct journey throughout Europe

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What is a direct trip?

A direct journey is the direct transport of a shipment from the sender to the recipient, without transshipment or intermediate storage. The collecting vehicle takes over and delivers the shipment at the same time. In some cases, a transport is also referred to as a direct journey if there is no reloading, but several goods are transported at the same time.


In contrast, all full loads are always transported as direct trips. Avoiding envelopes not only saves significant time, but also minimizes the risk of damage in transit.

Kundenmeinungen Spedition Logisticoo
Very fast and professional processing. Collection on the agreed day worked well and the packages were delivered to their destination the next day.

Fabian Maier

Advantages of a direct journey

By avoiding reloading on direct journeys, the risk of damage is reduced. Even sensitive goods can be shipped safely. With Logisticoo Express direct trips, the transport of dangerous goods is also possible - please contact our dispatch department. There are no delays due to transshipments on rare departures that can take several days. This also avoids the risk of shipments being loaded incorrectly.

Determine fixed prices efficiently online

Are you planning a direct trip with Logisticoo? Use our online price calculator. All you need to do is enter the dimensions of your shipment and we will find the right vehicle for you. Typically vehicles will be with you within 60 minutes of booking unless you specify a different pickup time slot.

Collective collections and additional services

In contrast to collective collections or system transport, where deliveries usually only take place during regular working hours, direct journeys offer flexibility. With Logisticoo you can collect your shipments at any time of the day or night and determine the delivery time.

State-of-the-art GPS technology in our vehicles

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS technology. This allows us to continuously inform you about the shipment status, collection and delivery. There are no additional costs for the return journey.

Shipping with just a few clicks

our promise

Fast online booking

Lightning-fast and user-friendly: Logisticoo enables effortless online bookings for prompt freight processing.

Experienced scheduling team

Our professionals optimize routes and overcome challenges – Logisticoo offers expertise for smooth transport processes.

Europe-wide network​

With an extensive network in Europe, Logisticoo ensures comprehensive and efficient freight collection and delivery.

​Individual transport solutions

Logisticoo develops tailor-made transport plans to optimally protect and efficiently transport all types of goods.

Contact person

Your personal Logisticoo contact will accompany you throughout the entire transport process. Unfortunately not possible for groupage transport.

shipment tracking

Track your shipments in real time: Logisticoo provides transparent information for the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

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