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Groupage &
General cargo transport

15,000+ customers trust Logisticoo when it comes to their groupage transport. 

Discover our versatile forwarding company, which also offers groupage transport and general cargo shipping. With our simple shipping calculator, we offer transparent online booking of your transport order with many optional extras for reliable transport services. Ideal for sending individual pallets or smaller piece goods. Book your transport now, stress-free and uncomplicated.

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Groupage transport or general cargo shipping:
Why Logisticoo?


Efficient use of truck cargo space


Network of over 1,000 partners


Direct online booking possible, fair and transparent prices

Partial load and full load throughout Europe

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What is general cargo shipping or groupage transport?

General cargo shipping or groupage transport

General cargo refers to individual, unbundled goods or pieces of cargo that are shipped separately. These goods often have different sizes, shapes and weights. General cargo shipping therefore involves the transport of individual pieces of freight that come from different senders and can go to different recipients.

Shipments are transported to a common collection point. At this collection point, the shipments are bundled and sent on their journey together. This makes it possible to reduce transport costs since several shipments share the same route.

This approach allows several different piece goods to be combined into one mode of transport, which is more cost-effective than transporting each shipment directly.

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Very fast and professional processing. Collection on the agreed day worked well and the packages were delivered to their destination the next day.

Fabian Maier

Advantages of general cargo shipping

General cargo shipping offers a cost-effective solution by bundling different freight shipments. This not only optimizes loading space, but also enables the use of an extensive network of collection points and distribution centers. The flexibility of the system allows the transport of goods of different sizes and shapes. The time savings come from transporting multiple shipments at the same time, resulting in faster deliveries. The environmental friendliness is reflected in the reduction of empty trips and fuel consumption. In addition, risk diversification helps to minimize the impact on an individual shipment. Scalability makes it easy to adjust shipping needs based on business needs.

Efficiency through bundling

General cargo shipping and groupage transport are characterized by the bundling of various freight shipments in one means of transport. This increase in efficiency enables optimal use of the available loading space and leads to lower overall costs per shipment.

Risk reduction

Spreading risks by sharing the transportation system reduces the impact of delays or damage on individual shipments.

environmental friendliness

Optimizing transport space and reducing empty runs contribute to a reduced environmental impact, which suits environmentally conscious customers.

Shipping with just a few clicks

our promise

Fast online booking

Lightning-fast and user-friendly: Logisticoo enables effortless online bookings for prompt freight processing.

Experienced scheduling team

Our professionals optimize routes and overcome challenges – Logisticoo offers expertise for smooth transport processes.

Europe-wide network​

With an extensive network in Europe, Logisticoo ensures comprehensive and efficient freight collection and delivery.

​Individual transport solutions

Logisticoo develops tailor-made transport plans to optimally protect and efficiently transport all types of goods.

Contact person

Your personal Logisticoo contact will accompany you throughout the entire transport process. Unfortunately not possible for groupage transport.

shipment tracking

Track your shipments in real time: Logisticoo provides transparent information for the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

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