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Find out more about how Logisticoo works, explore our logistics lexicon and visit our help pages. We are ready to assist you with advice and support.

To the freight forwarding shipping cost calculator

Shipping cost calculator

The Logisticoo shipping cost calculator 

enables clear calculations for Europe-wide transport costs as freight forwarding, for general cargo as well as partial and full loads as well as direct journeys.

Packaging tips

Important tips for optimal packaging for your freight forwarding. Well thought-out packaging is crucial for successful shipping. Here we show you how it's done.

shipment tracking

Keep an eye on the delivery status.


Track shipments online and request the expected delivery date at any time.

Transport insurance

Logisticoo's transport insurance ensures comprehensive and smooth protection for your goods. In the event of damage or loss, the insurance will reimburse the full value of your goods.

Claims settlement

Even with the greatest care and the most secure packaging, occasional damage or loss can occur during transport. How do I report such incidents to Logisticoo?

Logistics lexicon

In Logisticoo's logistics lexicon, technical terms from the freight forwarding industry are explained to bring you closer to the world of freight forwarding.

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