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Your solution for flower transport

Flower transport

Transporting flowers and plants requires a specialized approach to ensure that the delicate natural products maintain their freshness and quality during transport. Our flower transport services offer tailor-made solutions for gentle and reliable transport.

Flowers and plants are sensitive to temperature changes. Our transport vehicles are equipped with special cooling devices to ensure optimal temperature control and maintain the freshness of the products throughout the transport.

Proper packaging is crucial to ensure flowers and plants are protected during transport. We use special packaging materials that ensure the protection of the products while maintaining their aesthetic quality.

Your partner for flower transport

Discover the top performance of our logistics solutions in the field of flower transport. We offer specialized transport services designed to transport flowers and plants safely and efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions include adherence to strict quality standards, the use of specialized means of transport and meticulous planning to ensure that your flourishing goods reach their destination on time and in the best condition. Trust our experience and expertise to successfully handle your flower transportation needs and get your floral products safely to their destination.

What transport solutions are there for flower transport?

Transporting flowers requires special care to ensure that the flowers remain fresh and undamaged during transport. Here are some common flower transport solutions:

Refrigerated Vehicles: Flowers, especially cut flowers, often require cool temperatures to maintain their freshness. Refrigerated vehicles equipped with cooling and ventilation systems can maintain the necessary temperature range during transportation.

Air freight: For international flower transport, especially cut flowers, air freight can be a quick option. Specialized freight companies offer refrigerated cargo spaces for transporting flowers.

Water supply systems: For potted or rooted plants, a water supply system may be required during transport to ensure the plants receive adequate water supply.

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