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Your solution for transport in the chemical industry

chemical industry

Logistics in the chemical industry is associated with special challenges, especially in the transport of chemicals and chemical and plastic-based products.

The transport of chemicals requires the highest safety standards to minimize environmental impacts and protect people's health. Proper packaging selection, management of hazardous goods regulations, and adherence to strict safety protocols are essential.

Chemical products can have a wide range of properties, from flammable to corrosive. This requires tailor-made transport solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each product. Adhering to handling and storage guidelines is critical to preventing accidents.

The transportation of plastic products often involves the movement of large quantities of light but voluminous goods. The challenges range from efficient utilization of loading capacity to avoiding damage during transport.

Your partner for the transport of chemical products

Explore the excellence of our logistics solutions for the chemical industry. We offer specialized transport services for the safe and efficient transport of chemical products. Our tailor-made solutions include compliance with strict safety standards, the use of specialized means of transport and precise planning to deliver your goods on time and intact. Trust in our experience and expertise to successfully manage your chemical transportation needs and get your products safely to their destination.

What transport solutions are available in the chemical industry?

The chemical industry requires specialized transport solutions to transport chemicals, raw materials and finished products safely and in compliance with strict regulations. Here are some common transportation solutions in the chemical industry:

Tank Trucks: Tank trucks are used to transport liquid chemicals from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers or customers. These vehicles are equipped with special tanks that allow liquids to be transported safely.

ISO containers: ISO containers are often used for the international transport of chemicals. These containers are standardized and meet strict security requirements. They can be designed to transport liquids, gases or solid chemicals.

Bulk containers and big bags: Solids such as granules or powders can be transported in special bulk containers or big bags. These solutions enable the safe transport of large quantities of solid chemicals.

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