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Your solution for wood transport


Transporting wood requires special considerations and solutions due to the specific properties of this material. Here are some aspects and challenges in the field of timber transport:

Wood comes in various types and forms, from logs to lumber to wood products. The transport must be tailored to the specific properties of the type of wood and the desired shape.

Wood can be sensitive to weather influences such as moisture, heat or cold. Transport therefore requires special measures to protect the wood from harmful environmental influences.

Your partner for wood transport

Discover the outstanding performance of our logistics solutions for the transport of wood products. Our transport services specializing in wood ensure the safe and efficient transport of your products. We offer tailor-made solutions that adhere to the strictest safety standards, rely on specialized means of transport and include precise planning to ensure on-time and intact delivery of your goods.

What transport solutions are there for wood transport?

Various transport solutions are available for transporting wood and wood products to ensure that the wood gets to its destination efficiently and intact. Here are some common transportation solutions for wood transportation:

Truck Transport: Standard trucks are often used to transport wood. These vehicles may be equipped with special devices such as wooden stanchions or racks to secure the load during transport.

Log truck with loading crane: Special timber trucks are equipped with loading cranes to load and unload logs or wood products onto the truck. This makes it easier to transport larger quantities of wood.

Log trains: In some regions, log trains are used to transport large quantities of wood. These trains may have special cars optimized for transporting logs or wood products.

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