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Your solution for art transport

Art transport

Transporting art and antiques requires a specialized approach to ensure valuable works are protected during transit. Our art transport services offer tailor-made solutions for safe and reliable transport.

A central aspect of art transport is the careful packaging and handling of the works of art. We use special packaging materials and techniques to ensure that the artworks are optimally protected during transport.

Many works of art require special climatic conditions to maintain their integrity. Our transportation vehicles are equipped with the latest climate control technology to ensure that the artworks are transported in a stable environment.

Your partner for art transport

Discover the excellence of our logistics solutions in the field of art transport. We offer specialized transportation services designed to transport works of art safely and efficiently. Our customized solutions include adhering to the highest safety standards, using specialized transportation, and precise planning to ensure your art objects reach their destination on time and in pristine condition. Rely on our many years of experience and expertise to successfully meet your specific art transport requirements and get your valuable works of art safely to their destination.

What transport solutions are there for art transport?

Transporting artwork requires special care and specialized solutions to ensure the artwork is protected during transport. Here are some common transportation solutions for art transportation:

Air-conditioned transportation: Works of art, especially paintings and sculptures, can be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Air-conditioned means of transport, such as climate-controlled trucks or containers, help create an optimal environment for the transport of art.

Custom Packaging: Artworks are often individually packaged to provide protection from shock, vibration, and environmental influences. Special packaging materials, such as padded plastics, acid-free materials and individually adapted wooden packaging, are used.

Bubble Wraps and Foam Inserts: To protect paintings during transit, bubble wraps and custom foam inserts can be used to protect the artwork from bumps and bruises.

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