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Your solution for transport in plant and mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering plant construction

Organizing the transport of machinery and equipment represents a complex logistical challenge. The movement of heavy and sensitive machinery and equipment requires careful planning to minimize potential problems. From correct loading to precise delivery, we face a number of challenges.
The transport of machines and systems often requires special transport vehicles and equipment that are not standard. The transport of heavy goods such as machines and systems requires careful route planning, as not every road or infrastructure is always designed to accommodate excess length or dimensions. The transport of machines and systems requires precise scheduling to ensure that the machines arrive at their destination on time and that the production process is not affected.

Your partner for the transport of heavy goods

Discover the advantages of our specialized machine and plant transport for reliable and efficient logistics solutions. With our experienced team and modern fleet, we offer tailor-made transport solutions for the safe and timely transport of machines and systems. From careful loading to precise delivery, we attach great importance to the safety of your valuable goods. Trust in our expertise to meet your demanding transport requirements and get your machines and systems safely to their destination.

What transport solutions are there in mechanical engineering/plant engineering?

In mechanical engineering and plant engineering, there are various transport solutions to transport heavy machines, system components and equipment safely and efficiently. Selecting the appropriate transport solution depends on various factors, including the size, weight and type of machinery or equipment. Here are some common transportation solutions in this area:

Heavy-duty transporters: Special heavy-duty transporters, also known as SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters), are used to transport particularly large and heavy machines or system components. These vehicles have a modular design and can carry heavy loads.

Low-floor trucks and low-loaders: Low-floor trucks and low-loaders are suitable for transporting large machines and components. They offer a low loading height, which makes it easier to transport tall and heavy goods.

Container transport: Smaller machines or system parts can be transported in containers. This enables efficient loading, the use of various modes of transport and safe transport.

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