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Your solution for trade fair transport


Organizing trade fair transport is a demanding task that requires precise planning and professional implementation. Our forwarding company offers tailor-made logistics solutions for smooth trade fair delivery.

Trade fair logistics require detailed planning to ensure timely delivery of exhibition materials and products. We take all logistical aspects into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the trade fair.

Our forwarding company specializes in the requirements of trade fair logistics. We have special vehicles and means of transport to transport exhibition stands, advertising materials and products safely and efficiently.

Your partner for trade fair transport

Discover the top performance of our logistics solutions in the area of trade fair transport. We offer specialized transportation services designed to transport your trade show equipment and exhibits safely and efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions include compliance with the highest safety standards, the use of specialized means of transport and precise planning to ensure that your trade fair equipment arrives at its destination on time and intact. Trust in our many years of experience and expertise to successfully manage your trade fair transport requirements and transport your exhibition materials safely and professionally.

What transport solutions are available for trade fair transport?

The transport of goods related to trade fair events requires specialized solutions to ensure that exhibits, stand materials and products arrive at the event location on time and intact. Here are some common transportation solutions for trade show events:

Forwarding companies: Specialized trade fair forwarding companies offer comprehensive services for the transport of exhibition goods. This may include collection of materials from the shipper, storage, customs clearance, transportation to the venue and return transportation after the trade show.

Air freight: Air freight can be an efficient solution for the rapid transport of exhibition stands and materials over long distances or international borders. Specialized cargo planes or air freight service providers enable fast and safe transport.

Truck transport: Truck transport is often used for national or regional trade fair events. They offer a cost-effective option for transporting exhibition stands, exhibition materials and products. Specialized transport companies can specialize in the safe transport of trade fair goods.

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