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Your solution for transport in the shipping industry or shipbuilding

Shipping industry-shipbuilding

The shipping industry, particularly shipbuilding, faces unique logistical challenges that require careful planning and specialized transportation solutions. Here are some of the issues and aspects that need to be considered in this context:

Shipbuilding involves the transportation of heavy and bulky equipment needed to build ships. This requires specialized transportation and logistical solutions to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

Shipbuilding components are often oversized and oversized, making transportation difficult on conventional roads and routes. Careful route planning and selection of appropriate means of transport are crucial to overcoming potential obstacles.

The shipping industry is known for time-sensitive requirements, particularly when it comes to building new ships or repairing existing ones. Direct trips offer a solution to get equipment and materials to shipyards or construction sites quickly and efficiently

Your partner for shipping transport

Discover the outstanding logistics solutions in the shipping industry and shipbuilding. We offer specialized transport services aimed at transporting your maritime products and shipbuilding goods safely and efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions set the highest quality standards, use specialized means of transport and include precise planning to ensure that your products reach their destination on time and in the best condition.

Rely on our extensive experience and expertise to successfully manage your specific transportation needs in the shipping industry and shipbuilding. We value the highest safety and quality standards and ensure that your maritime products and shipbuilding goods are transported safely and professionally. Trust in our reliability to handle your shipbuilding and shipping transports efficiently and reliably.

What transport solutions are available in the shipping industry/shipbuilding?

In the shipping industry and shipbuilding, there are a variety of transportation solutions related to the construction, repair, transportation and maintenance of ships. Here are some common transportation solutions in the shipping industry and shipbuilding:

Heavy-duty and special transport: Heavy-duty transport is often used to transport large ship parts, hull shells or complete ship hulls. These can be done by land or water and require special vehicles and equipment.

Floating Cranes: Floating cranes or floating cranes are large lifting devices that can be placed on waterways. They are used to lift heavy ship parts such as machines, superstructures or containers onto and off ships.

Dock ships: Dock ships are specially designed ships that have a lowering device. You can drive under a ship, raise it, and then lower it onto the ship or into the ship dock. This allows for repairs and maintenance below the waterline.

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