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Shipping to and from Finland

Transport forwarding company to and from Finland. Now you can conveniently organize your transport to Finland with us.

Our forwarding company offers professional solutions for your truck transport to and from Finland. With many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee the smooth transport of your goods. Our focus is on efficient shipping processing, regardless of whether it is direct trips, international shipping or freight forwarding. We are available as a reliable partner for your transport requirements to Finland. We organize direct trips to ensure that your goods reach their destination without stopping. Our experienced team handles all aspects of international shipping, including the necessary customs formalities to ensure a smooth transition across national borders. Forwarding is one of our core competencies. We understand that effective logistics is crucial to optimize your supply chains. Trust our expertise to ensure reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding for your goods to and from Finland.

Shipping to and from Finland


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Shipping to and from Finland

The largest cities in Finland

Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu, Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Pori, Kuovola

Transport price to and from Finland

The exact cost of shipping services to Finland may vary depending on the type of goods, their volume and weight. Shipping costs also depend on the sender and receiving country. Logisticoo's shipping cost calculator offers a practical way to enter all relevant information for the transport of goods in advance and thus receive the exact shipping costs. As a rule, however, shipping costs to and from Finland start at an amount of €180. It is important to note that individual requirements, urgency of delivery and additional services may affect the exact cost. To obtain precise information for your specific shipment, we recommend using the shipping cost calculator or contacting Logisticoo directly.

Special features when transporting to Finland

Finland is characterized by various special features. The geographical location with many lakes and forests influences the topography, while long winters with snow and freezing temperatures require special measures. Remote regions and sparsely populated areas make transportation challenging in certain parts of the country. Due to the extensive coastline, sea transport plays an important role, especially in international trade with neighboring countries such as Russia and Sweden. Finland values environmental protection, which encourages the use of environmentally friendly practices in the transport sector. Well-equipped logistics centers and ports, especially in cities like Helsinki and Turku, play a key role in the movement of goods. The Finnish language and culture can be challenging for foreign companies. Taking these particularities into account is crucial to ensure efficient transport in Finland.

Finland as an economic area

Finland stands out as a progressive economy, characterized by highly developed industry, technological innovation and a strong focus on exports. Key sectors include electronics, telecommunications, forestry and renewable energy. The maritime economy plays an important role, supported by the extensive coastline. Finland invests heavily in environmentally friendly technologies and emphasizes education and research. The metal processing industry and mining contribute to economic diversification. Despite geographical challenges due to sparsely populated regions, Finland presents itself as a dynamic economic player with international trade relations and a unique mix of nature and culture.

Type of transport direct trip to and from Finland

Delivery times for direct trips to or from Finland vary depending on the availability of vehicles and the distance to be covered. This transport method is the fastest option as the vehicle travels directly to the destination without stopping. As a rule, shipments are delivered within 3-4 working days

Transport type groupage to and from Finnalnd

For groupage transport to or from Finland, the average transport time to certain regions is and also depends on the distance to be covered. Typically this time frame is between 5-8 business days. This shipping method offers you a cost-effective alternative as your shipment is transported together with others in groupage

Transport type partial load or full load to and from Finland

For the transport of part loads or full loads to or from Finland, the usual transport time is to certain regions and also depends on the distance to be covered. Typically this time frame is between 3-4 business days. This shipping method offers you an excellent alternative as more shipments can be loaded without reloading, resulting in efficient use of time. If direct loading is desired, the direct drive option is available.

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