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Shipping to and from Romania

Transport forwarding company to and from Romania. Now you can conveniently organize your Romania transport through us.

Our forwarding company offers professional solutions for your truck transport to and from Romania. With many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee the smooth transport of your goods. Our focus is on efficient shipping processing, regardless of whether it is direct trips, international shipping or freight forwarding. We are available as a reliable partner for your transport requirements to Romania. We organize direct trips to ensure that your goods reach their destination without stopping. Our experienced team handles all aspects of international shipping, including the necessary customs formalities to ensure a smooth transition across national borders. Forwarding is one of our core competencies. We understand that effective logistics is crucial to optimize your supply chains. Trust in our expertise to ensure reliable and cost-efficient freight forwarding for your goods to and from Romania. Contact us for customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We are proud to offer you first-class trucking and freight forwarding services.

Shipping to and from Romania


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Shipping to and from Romania

The largest cities in Romania

București, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Constanța, Timișoara, Brașov, Craiova, Galați, Oradea, Ploiești

Transport price to and from Romania

The exact cost of freight forwarding services to Romania may vary depending on the type of goods, their volume and weight. Shipping costs also depend on the sender and receiving country. Logisticoo's shipping cost calculator offers a practical way to enter all relevant information for the transport of goods in advance and thus receive the exact shipping costs. As a rule, however, shipping costs to and from Romania start at an amount of €160. It is important to note that individual requirements, urgency of delivery and additional services may affect the exact cost. To obtain precise information for your specific shipment, we recommend using the shipping cost calculator or contacting Logisticoo directly.

Special features of transport to Romania

Romania's infrastructure can vary in rural areas, so the condition of roads should be carefully assessed. Despite EU membership, specific customs regulations may apply to the transport of goods. Particular attention should be paid to the safety of the goods being transported, and working with experienced local logistics partners can help with this. Extreme weather conditions, especially in winter, require forward planning. Accurate document preparation, including customs and shipping documents, is crucial to ensure smooth operations.

Romania as an economic area

With a diverse economic structure, the country of Romania includes sectors such as the automotive industry, information technology, agriculture and energy. Despite infrastructure challenges, particularly in rural areas, Romania is experiencing steady economic development. EU membership promotes international trade relations and provides access to funding. The increasing focus on renewable energy underlines the desire to establish sustainable economic practices. Romania also attracts investment in research and development, which contributes to innovation and technology growth. Nevertheless, targeted measures to improve infrastructure and overcome bureaucratic hurdles are crucial to unlocking the country's full economic potential.

Type of transport direct trip to and from Romania

Delivery times for direct trips to or from Romania vary depending on the availability of vehicles and the distance to be covered. This transport method is the fastest option as the vehicle travels directly to the destination without stopping. As a rule, shipments are delivered within 2-3 working days.

Transport type groupage to and from Romania

For groupage transport to or from Romania, the average transport time to certain regions is and also depends on the distance to be covered. Typically this time frame is between 4-8 business days. This shipping method offers you a cost-effective alternative as your shipment is transported together with others in groupage.

Transport type partial load or full load to and from Romania

For the transport of partial loads or full loads to or from Romania, the usual transport time is to certain regions and also depends on the distance to be covered. Typically this time frame is between 3-4 business days. This shipping method offers you an excellent alternative as more shipments can be loaded without reloading, resulting in efficient use of time. If direct loading is desired, the direct drive option is available.

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