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Pallet shipping

Pallet shipping

Send pallets throughout Europe.

Advantages when shipping pallets

Discover the advantages of our pallet shipping for efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions in the area of freight transport. With our specialist service, we offer tailored pallet shipping solutions to ensure your freight is transported safely and efficiently.

Our pallet shipping allows you to consolidate multiple shipments onto one pallet, which not only increases efficiency but also minimizes costs. Regardless of whether it is a matter of individual pallets or larger quantities of pallets – our comprehensive truck transport network offers flexible options that optimally adapt to your individual needs.

Rely on our proven services and modern tracking technology to ensure your pallet shipments run smoothly throughout Europe.

What does pallet shipping mean?

Pallet shipping is an efficient method for transporting goods in larger quantities. A pallet is a flat platform, often made of wood or plastic, that is used to stack and secure goods. In contrast to general cargo shipping, pallet shipping allows larger quantities of goods to be transported as a single shipment.

Businesses can use pallets to securely bundle their cargo, improving transportation efficiency and minimizing damage during transit. Pallet shipping is particularly suitable for medium to large companies that regularly ship larger quantities of goods and are looking for a cost-efficient and safe transport solution.

How much does pallet shipping cost?

Pallet shipping costs can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the weight, size, distance and destination of the shipment. The shipping method, urgency and additional services such as insurance, notifications or special handling also play a role. With negotiating skills, more favorable conditions can be achieved for regular or larger shipping volumes.

For precise cost information when shipping pallets, we recommend using our shipping calculator directly or obtaining an individual offer from us. By carefully measuring your shipments, you will receive an accurate cost calculation for your freight forwarding pallet transport.

What special features should you pay attention to when shipping pallets?

Pallet shipping has specific requirements and considerations to ensure efficient and safe movement of goods on pallets. Here are some special features for pallet shipping:

Stable packaging:

The goods should be packed stably and securely on the pallet to avoid damage during transport. Appropriate overpackaging may be required to ensure cargo stability.
Weight restrictions:

There are often weight restrictions on pallets, depending on the mode of transport and regional regulations. These must be observed in order to comply with legal requirements.
Loading capacity and dimensions:

The pallets must take into account the loading capacity and dimensions of the means of transport in order to be stacked and transported efficiently.
Securing cargo:

The cargo on the pallets must be properly secured to prevent it from slipping or falling over during transport.
Labeling and marking:

Each pallet should be clearly labeled and marked for easy identification and handling. This also makes correct sorting and delivery easier.

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