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Heavy-duty transport

Heavy-duty transport

Send heavy-duty shipments throughout Europe.

Advantages when transporting heavy loads

Discover the advantages of our heavy-duty transport for efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions in the area of oversized freight. With our specialized service, we offer tailor-made solutions for the transport of heavy and bulky goods to ensure that your heavy-duty cargo is transported safely and efficiently.

Our heavy-duty transportation allows you to ship even the most demanding freight with ease. Regardless of whether it is heavy machinery, construction project parts or other voluminous goods – our transport network offers flexible options that optimally adapt to the specific requirements of your heavy-duty freight.

What does heavy-duty transport mean?

Heavy-duty transportation is a specialized form of freight transportation designed to move heavy and oversized cargo safely and efficiently. This type of transport is used when conventional means of transport are not sufficient due to the size or weight of the cargo.

The key aspect of heavy-duty transportation is the provision of specialized equipment and technology to enable the transportation of massive goods. This may include the use of heavy-duty trucks, low-bed trailers, specialized trailers, or even heavy-duty cranes, depending on the needs of the cargo. Safety is paramount and strict protocols are followed to minimize the risk of accidents or damage.

How much does heavy goods transport cost?

The cost of heavy-duty transportation can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the weight, size, distance, and destination of the shipment. The shipping method, urgency and additional services such as insurance, notifications or special handling also play a role. With negotiating skills, more favorable conditions can be achieved for regular or larger shipping volumes.

For precise cost information for heavy-duty transport, we recommend using our forwarding shipping calculator directly or obtaining an individual offer from us. By thoroughly measuring your shipments, you will receive an accurate cost calculation for your heavy-duty freight forwarding.

What special features should you pay attention to when transporting heavy goods?

Heavy-duty transport refers to the transport of goods that place special demands on logistics and the transport process due to their size, weight or shape. Here are some special features for heavy-duty transport:

Special vehicles:

The use of special heavy-duty vehicles, such as heavy-duty transporters, low-loaders or modular transporters, is necessary to transport heavy and bulky goods.
Approvals and approval procedures:

The transport of heavy loads often requires special permits from the relevant authorities. Planning and applying for these permits is a critical step.
Route planning:

Route planning is complex due to the size of the goods to be transported. Appropriate roads must be chosen to avoid obstacles such as tight curves, bridges or tunnels.
Support vehicles and accompanying personnel:

Depending on the size and weight of the load, support vehicles and specialized support personnel are required to safely monitor the transport and respond to unforeseen situations.
Load distribution:

Evenly distributing the weight is crucial to ensure the stability of the vehicle during transport. This may require the use of special charge distribution systems.
Dismantling and setting up transport routes:

In some cases, road infrastructure needs to be modified or temporary transport routes established to enable heavy goods transport.

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