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Send goods and goods throughout Europe and the world with a forwarding company.

Advantages of a freight forwarding company

Discover the advantages of our freight forwarding services for efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions in the field of freight transport. With our specialized service, we offer tailor-made solutions for the transport of your goods to ensure that your freight arrives at its destination on time and reliably.
Rely on our proven services and modern shipment tracking technology to ensure your shipping solutions run smoothly throughout Europe. Our dedicated team works with utmost precision to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time.

What does freight forwarding mean?

The term “forwarding” refers to the transport of goods by specialized shipping companies. These companies organize and coordinate the shipping of goods on behalf of their customers. In freight forwarding, various means of transport such as trucks, ships, trains or planes are used depending on requirements. Forwarding companies take over the planning, booking of freight space, customs clearance and the entire logistical handling of the transport of goods. This allows companies to ship their goods efficiently and cost-effectively without having to worry about the details of transportation. Freight forwarding plays a crucial role in the global supply chain, allowing companies to distribute their goods worldwide.

How much does a shipping company cost?

Freight forwarding costs can vary greatly and depend on various factors, including weight, size, distance and destination of the shipment. The shipping method, urgency and additional services such as insurance, notifications or special handling also play a role. With negotiating skills, more favorable conditions can be achieved for regular or larger shipping volumes.

For precise cost information from a forwarding company, we recommend using our forwarding shipping calculator directly or obtaining an individual offer from us. By thoroughly measuring your shipments, you will receive an accurate cost calculation for your shipping from the shipping company.

What special features should you pay attention to when shipping?

Freight forwarding companies play a central role in logistics by organizing the transport of goods between different locations. Here are some special features to consider with freight forwarders:

Transport organization:

The main task of a forwarding company is to organize the transport of goods. This includes selecting appropriate transportation, route planning, and coordinating pickup and delivery.
Multimodal transport:

Trucking companies can combine different modes of transportation to choose the most efficient and cost-effective route for transporting goods. This can include the use of trucks, ships, planes and trains.
Documentation and customs clearance:

Shipping companies are responsible for properly documenting freight shipments. In the case of international transport, they must also ensure customs clearance and correctly prepare all the necessary documents.
Insurance and risk management:

Trucking companies often offer insurance services to protect cargo against loss or damage during transportation. They also play a role in risk management to minimize potential problems during transportation.
Storage and handling:

Some shipping companies offer warehousing and transshipment services. This includes the temporary storage of goods before transport or after arrival, as well as transshipment between different means of transport.
Technological integration:

Modern trucking companies use advanced technologies such as telematics, GPS tracking and digital platforms to optimize the transportation process and improve communication with customers.
Shipment tracking:

Shipment tracking is an essential part of a shipping company’s services. Customers expect real-time information about the location and progress of their freight shipments.

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