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Send tires

Send tires

Möchten Sie Reifen kostengünstig versenden? Die digitale Spedition Logisticoo steht Ihnen als zuverlässiger Partner zur Seite.

Wir bieten Ihnen umfassende Informationen zum Versand von Reifen, geben Ihnen hilfreiche Tipps und finden die ideale Transportlösung, die sowohl für nationale als auch internationale Sendungen geeignet ist.

How does transport work with Logisticoo?

Order booking on our shipping platform is done via our shipping calculator. In the first step, you enter your shipment details and then select the appropriate transport type.

It is crucial to make the right decision when selecting the packaging material and to specify the dimensions including the packaging. For shipments over 30 kg, transport on a pallet is required.

Preparation for shipping tires:
After you have booked your transport and received the shipping documents, you can start preparing. If the total weight is over 30 kg, tires must be shipped on pallets or be able to be driven under by themselves. You can find more tips on this below.

Picking up the tires:
Our shipping employees usually pick up the goods from the curb. For shipments weighing more than 30 kg, it is important that they can either be moved under by themselves or provided on a pallet.

Delivery of tires:
Delivery and collection are carried out curbside. Our shipping employees unload the shipment at the delivery address and obtain your signature for acceptance.

What are the costs for shipping tires?

Tire shipping costs may vary depending on the number of packages, the dimensions of the packages and the shipping method chosen.

How do I properly pack a tire?

To ensure that tires reach their destination safely and intact, proper packaging is crucial. Below you will find the essential tips for packaging: Cleaning the tires:

Make sure the tires are clean and dry before packing them. Dirt and moisture can cause damage.
Use of suitable packaging materials:

Use sturdy boxes that are large enough to adequately accommodate the tires. Make sure the boxes are in good condition and free of tears or holes.
Even weight distribution:

Place the tires evenly in the box to ensure balanced weight distribution. This helps prevent slipping during transport.
Use of upholstery material:

Wrap each tire with bubble wrap or foam to minimize impact damage. Secure the padding with tape to hold it in place.
Labeling of content:

Clearly label the box as "Tires" and indicate the number of tires included. This not only makes identification easier, but also easier to handle by transport personnel.
Reinforcement of the edges:

Reinforce the edges of the box with additional packing material to ensure the tires are adequately protected during shipping.
Securing with packaging tape:

Seal the box securely with strong packing tape. Make sure all seams and edges are tightly sealed to prevent the box from bursting.
Note stackability:

If you are packing multiple tires, make sure the boxes can be stacked stably to prevent them from tipping over.

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